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Medical services

24 hours call center

Our call center is available 24/7 to answer you all your queries and take care all the administrative work, since we have cooperation with all the insurance companies worldwide, to achieve a successful result.

Ground ambulance transfer / ICU units

The mobile medical units are staffed with specialized doctors depending on the case, specially trained paramedics, certified, able to offer first aid and guide the patient to a hospital or a private clinic or to any health center with maximum safety.

Compliance with the insurance company

We collaborate with all insurance companies worldwide and we are proud to have successfully treated many difficult cases, providing highly qualified and cost balanced services.

We take care of all the administrative details with the insurance companies and your national health care provider at your home country. We follow your insurance company guidance, and we keep them updated 24/7.


Our medical team have Doctors of all specialties, specializing in Medical Emergency, with vast experience but also skills related to clinical diagnostics and special treatment of acute and life-threatening symptoms of the patient.

Air ambulance

AIS has the most experienced flying team, ready to work either with individuals or with insurance companies, to serve safely and reliably scheduled or scheduled Airlines.

AIS can arrange for the transport of private patients, insured after consultation with their insurance company, as well as embassies or shipping companies.

The airlines we work with, have aircraft (HELICOPTERS – AIRPLANES) specially designed for Air Transportation and are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority. They have all the necessary equipment of the latest technology, for the safe transport of the patient: Special stretchers, monitor, defibrillator, oxygen and respirator.

Nurse escort

AIS have a network of nurses specializing in medical emergency or home care services. Living up close to the patients’ problems, both in the hospital and in continuing their treatment and support at home, we envisioned a new form of integrated hospitalization and patient support.

Our commitment is to provide high quality nursing support, always according to the instructions of the treating physicians, and to find solutions to every practical problem in the treatment and support of each patient.

Doctor escort

At AIS we provide specialized physicians to accompany patients 24/7. Our medical staff brings the appropriate medical equipment to provide you with a high level of service with many years of experience in the international arena.

Translations or legal support

With multilingual experienced staff, we undertake to translate for you any medical document in over 15 languages. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any kind of translation might occur.

Roadside Services

24 /7 call center

Our call center is available 24/7 to answer all your queries and sent you one of our providers to help you. Just give to our call center your exact location and we will inform you regarding arrival time. So simple! Feel safe to contact us!

VIP transportation

AIS can provide you with VIP transportation. Our providers with responsibility, reliability, and confidentiality can transfer you anywhere with no waiting hours. Feel safe to contact us!

Coverage areas

AIS and the technical department cover whole country for roadside services. We provide Accident care, Travel care and Rental car if needed.

Just call to our call center 24/7 and one of our colleagues will give you immediate assistance.

Network providers

AIS cooperates with a specialized network of providers all around country. Our network with a huge experience in road assistance will guide you, advise you and help you 24/7.